About Regent Rich

Regent Rich Capacitors Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned supplier in Hong Kong in the area of electrical/electronic components. M/s Regent Rich is authorized representative of companies such as Chint, Dowin, Fulltech, Dongya, X-fan, Source Photonics, All-Best, Cooler Master, Sentek, Adda Fan, Europtronic, Changzhou and Lelon Electronics. We are one of the leading supplier to Telecom PS/PIU manufacturers and one of the trusted supplier of various range of electronics/electrical components such as Electrolytic capacitors, Film capacitors, Cooling fan, DC Energy Meter, Hydraulic Circuit Breakers, MCB, MCCBs, SPDs, SMPS/ DC Power Supply Devices, DC Contactors, AC Contactors, AC Convertor, DC Convertor, Transceiver, Fan sink, Relay, Heat sink ,ACB,VCB, GSM Antenna, Coaxial Cables, LED, IP & WIFI Camera, Fuse Holder, Fuse Link, Night Vision, Door Sensor, Magnetic Lock, EML and many more.

Key Partners

We are leading component distributor representing World class quality manufacturers. Our teams of excellent professionals ensure the highest quality solutions for you.


Following the company's motto-Quality, Service, innovation and Responsibility, We focused all resources toward the development, the Sourcing and the marketing of our products.

Global Distribution

Regent Rich Capacitors Pvt. Ltd. has sales offices and distribution facilities globally. Through global logistic distribution, we are able to provide convenient and efficient services to all our customers.

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