We started our journey under the guidance of Mr. Vibhore Srivastava in the year of 2004. We “Regent Rich Capacitor Pvt Ltd” (RRCPL) have evolved ourselves as a renowned name in the field of electrical and electronic component. Today, we are a recognized name in component industry and known for outstanding R & D and high quality products.

We are one of the leading Electronics and Electrical Component and Equipments Distributer in India. We represent various leading manufacturer across the globe. For the last 12 years, we have been serving AUTOMOTIVE/Telecom / Power / IT / Consumer/ Lighting industries.

We offer an extensive range of products including Electrolytic capacitors, Film capacitors, Cooling fan, DC Energy Meter, Hydraulic Circuit Breakers, MCB, MCCBs, SPDs, SMPS/ DC Power Supply Devices, DC Contactors, AC Contactors, AC Convertor, DC Convertor, Transceiver, Fan sink, Relay, Heat sink ,ACB,VCB, GSM Antenna, Coaxial Cables, LED, IP & WIFI Camera, Fuse Holder, Fuse Link, Night Vision, Door Sensor, Magnetic Lock, EML and many more. This enables us to accommodate all the needs of our customers up to their full satisfaction.

While functioning remarkably in the past years, RRCPL has had the opportunity to serve a number of India’s prominent companies and agencies.

After deepening its roots in the Indian market with our expert range of products and exemplary service, we RRCPL are further in the progression of marking our presence global. Already operating successfully in a number of Asian countries, RRCPL is ready to make a boom in other regions.

RRCPL has always been considered as a leader and modernizer in the market, when it comes to innovation. With such innovations and state of the art technologies at RRCPL we have the distinction of developing advanced technologies suitable for special power conditioning projects for countries like India and China.

The major pillars of RRCPL, experienced personnel and latest techniques are the foundation for its high-quality products entailing minimal service requirements.


Orders arrive in 2 business days. We strive to make sure each order is sent within hours of purchase. If you order before 1pm on weekdays your package is guaranteed to ship that day.


We test and use our products to the highest standards
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